The Sanchon Hunjang
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My dinner with 영란 - A postscript

After the lovely dinner and lively conversation with 영란, the Sanchon Hunjang started becoming curious about just how many people around him believe in fortune telling.

So I started asking people if they've had their fortune read. Nearly everyone had.

I also asked, "did you check your 궁합 before you got married?" Turns out that nearly everyone in my decidedly non-random survey had checked. Only the extremely devout Christians were exceptions.

This clearly was leading to the inescapable conclusion that, with the exception of Christians who are laced a little too straight, Koreans are all a superstitious lot with disposable income to blow on the occult.

Then the Sanchon Hunjang realized that he had missed the real question of "why?" So I went back and asked. Turns out that most people had done the simple fortune telling thing on a lark and that they didn't put any stock in it. But if this is the case, why would anyone check their marital bliss barometer with a soothsayer before the wedding? That answer was interesting. Not because either of them put any stock in it, but because there are bound to be some not-so-pleasant days in married life. And when there's a fight, someone--be it wife, husband, mother-in-law, whoever--is bound to drag out the "we were never ever meant for each other in the first place" argument. So it's better just to eliminate that possiblity up front by making sure bride and groom have compatible zoologies.

Makes sense to me.

That's the same logic that the Sanchon Hunjang used to send the wife for 2 months of intensive post-partum recovery. Otherwise, every little pain or soreness would harken back to the moment of 산후조리만 제대로 했더라면...



My dinner with 영란

Not too long ago the Sanchon Hunjang was invited to dinner. When the Sanchon Hunjang showed up, it was quickly decided that relaxing in a bar would be preferable to more clothes shopping. I couldn't have agreed more. As soon as we sat down, 영란 started talking. It seems that, in addition to being a world- class 수다장이, she also is quite a believer in fortune tellers and has been to so many that she has become a semi-fortune teller herself.

She went on and on about Chinese zodiacs and the characteristics of people that have different signs as well as how those people get on with others. For example, she said, oxen are very patient animals. But if they get upset then they become very dangerous. Not to mention that they don't get along with tigers at all. This was all in response to the marital problems that one of the company was having. Tigers and oxen just don't get along. If you had asked your 궁합 to a fortune teller before you tied the knot, then you wouldn't be in this mess. Now that you've made your bed, just sleep in it. Your ox husband is suffering just as much as you are, but he's patient. Don't push him past his line, or you'll really regret it.

The Sanchon Hunjang protested. Surely this is quackery. How can every individual born in a whole entire year share the same personality traits? 영란 explained how the Oriental cosmological approach to fortune telling is not 100% accurate, it represents a primitive type of statistics. But that it is startlingly accurate in most cases. People born in the year of the tiger just tend to be pushy nags that drive their bovine husbands too far. I want to see the data set that was sampled to produce that statistical result. Nevertheless, in the interest of harmonious conversation, the Sanchon Hunjang held his tongue.

It was then that the silent KA spoke up. You know, my son was born in the year of the ox. When I went to the hospital to deliver him, I took the doctor aside and said, look since this is the year of the ox, he must be born after the sun goes down. I don't care what it does to me or my health--even if it kills me--you must do whatever it takes to see that he doesn't see the outside of a womb until after sundown.

The Sanchon Hunjang had no clue what could drive such apparent insanity. It was explained as follows. Since the ox is a beast of burden, the lot of the ox is to work all day and rest only at night. Therefore, anyone who is born during the day in the year of the ox is damned to a life of hard labor and precious little rest. If, on the other hand, said soul is born when the ox is at rest, she is guaranteed a life of ease. I still can't believe that a youngish woman who was born and raised in Seoul could still hold such backwards beliefs, and with such passion. But there she was.

Days later in an amazing coincidence of conversational direction, I discovered that this belief is not an isolated thing. BY said that her grandmother reassured her using a similar logic. Since tigers hunt and go about at night, to be born at night in the year of the tiger is a horrible fate. But since her mother had suffered long and hard to make sure that she was born right after lunch, she was guaranteed an easy life. BY's response wasn't really gratitude, though. Grandma, this is the twentieth century, where are you cooking up these wierd superstitions? That was more my speed.

It may be too late to change your fate, but best look up what hour you were born and check it against your Chinese zodiac sign. At least that way you'll know why you seem to be fated to work your fingers to the bone.



How to spot a real beauty

In chatting with a friend, the Sanchon Hunjang was reminded that standards of beauty are not constant. Lipstick colors and skirt lengths come and go. Skinny is in, then it's out. But it's an inescapable constant that men, especially those who should know better, are drawn to beautiful women.

It's widely known that 양귀비 (179 - 756 A.D.) was rather plump and at the same time very weak--hardly able to move for herself (or at least she pretended to be). Because that was the standard of beauty of her day. If she hadn't been posessed of such hallmarks of beauty, she wouldn't even appear in history.

The immediate result? The emperor fell in love with her and she was able to use her influence to get her relatives cushy jobs in the government. The longer-term result? Others blamed her for the emperor's inability to concetrate on government. A huge rebellion broke out that nearly spelled the end of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 906 A.D.) and the rebel soldiers had her killed in front of the emperor. The permanent result? 양귀비 has gone down in history as (i) one of the 4 greatest beauties China has ever produced, (ii) an ultimate femme fatale, and (iii) along with Emperor Xuanzong as the inspiration for many poems/songs/stories/movies about the tragedy and Xuanzong's longing for his dead love, not to mention his efforts to contact her spirit.

But the corpulent look is no longer in. It's a shame, because otherwise the Sanchon Hunjang could be very popular. ^^

Looking back even farther into history, we find several lines of a verse from the Book of Poetry that describe in some detail the beauty of the daughter of an aristocrat (for the intrepid, the entire original with translation can be found here).

手如柔荑。[Her] fingers were like the blades of the young white-grass;
膚如凝脂。[Her] skin was like congealed ointment;
領如蝤蠐。[Her] neck was like the tree-grub;
齒如瓠犀。[Her] teeth were like melon seeds;
螓首蛾眉。[Her] forehead cicada-like, eyebrows like [the antenne of] the silkworm moth;
巧笑倩兮。What dimples, as she artfully smiled!
美目盼兮。How lovely her eyes, with the black and white so well defined!

Clearly the use of similie has a long history. And, while it is easier to compare with things close at hand, it's probably best to leave the insect imagery out of your modern love poetry. Again, it appears tastes have changed.

Although...if you did send this as a love letter, it would ensure that your memory would live on to the death of the pretty young recipient of the letter...


Is that 북창동 as in "北娼洞"?

顔淵曰: 북창동식 means what in the name of a RS? ^^
子貢曰: ok
子貢曰: u know there are many many rs in 북창동
顔淵曰: yes
子貢曰: and their system is a bit different
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: not the typical one... it's hardcore and limited.
子貢曰: they don't have 2nd round
子貢曰: I mean 이차
顔淵曰: at all?
顔淵曰: okaaaaaay
子貢曰: but
子貢曰: in the rs
子貢曰: the service is different
顔淵曰: but they don't offer 2차 at all?
子貢曰: no
顔淵曰: oh
子貢曰: but if you lucky you can do that inside the room
子貢曰: in front of everyone
子貢曰: but it's very rare
子貢曰: anyways..
顔淵曰: do go on...
子貢曰: first... once girls are picked out, they started their greeting.. we call that "인사"
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: they say like " 오빠들 저희들 인사할꼐요"
顔淵曰: "hi my name is xxxx"
子貢曰: yeah... like... 안녕하세요 초희입니다.....and she 's dancing with background music
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: and takes off her clothes one by one
子貢曰: and finally she takes it all off
顔淵曰: as in all all?
子貢曰: all all
顔淵曰: i see
子貢曰: and she pours liquor over her boobs
子貢曰: .. and then that liquor .. is 흘러내려
子貢曰: it runs down her body and finally gets down her THERE
顔淵曰: must sting like a bitch...
子貢曰: there she has a cup ready for that
顔淵曰: a cup? hmmmmmm
子貢曰: she takes that liquor there and finally is heading for her partner
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: before that she makes that greeting in the middle of room
子貢曰: in front of 노래방 machine
子貢曰: and she moves to her partner
顔淵曰: yes
子貢曰: and she does a kind of lap dance
子貢曰: you know, an exotic private dance over man
子貢曰: like 기마자세
顔淵曰: is this a no-touch lap dance?
顔淵曰: ^^
子貢曰: haha you can touch
子貢曰: and she gives that shot to him
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: he drinks and she finally said
子貢曰: "오빠 안주"
子貢曰: that means
子貢曰: she allows you to lick her t*ts
子貢曰: as 안주
顔淵曰: i c
子貢曰: and other girls take their greeting in turn
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: that's the very first part
子貢曰: and then
顔淵曰: yes
子貢曰: ladies want us to take off our clothes
顔淵曰: again...all?
子貢曰: if the men are really close ... they take off all
顔淵曰: even really close
顔淵曰: that's got to be awkward...
子貢曰: and if not
子貢曰: they usually leave their underwear on
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: after guys take off, then they just keep singing and dancing in naked and they just 서로 몸을 부비다 heavily
子貢曰: so some couple just do THAT in the room
顔淵曰: with an audience
子貢曰: yep
顔淵曰: sounds wonderful :(
子貢曰: that's rare but can happen.. but there's never 이차 in 북창동
子貢曰: and finally last part
顔淵曰: wait...surely they must run out of alcohol or 안주 some time
顔淵曰: how do the waiters bring in new stuff
顔淵曰: if they never know who will be having sex on the table?
子貢曰: they don't care
子貢曰: they just see what happens
顔淵曰: hmmmmmm
子貢曰: or the ladies just hide their private part with shirts..
顔淵曰: i'm getting the feeling that you've got to be pretty drunk to go to a 북창동 place
子貢曰: anyway...
子貢曰: at the end, they say "오빠들 그럼 저희들 이쁜 짓 할께요"
顔淵曰: right. 이쁜 짓.
子貢曰: and they picked up some kinda dancing 메들리 song
子貢曰: long music
子貢曰: for more than 10 mins
子貢曰: and they turn off the light
顔淵曰: completely dark?
子貢曰: we can see because that karaoke machine and back light is still on
顔淵曰: got it
子貢曰: and they do that exotic dancing again
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: and then those chicks go to their partners and started to suck their c*cks
子貢曰: simultaneusly
子貢曰: because they all do that at the same time... they usually don't care about other couple's job
顔淵曰: i c
顔淵曰: even if they already had full-on s*x?
子貢曰: yes
子貢曰: but s*x is rare as i said
子貢曰: they heavily move their mouth up and down
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: no insertion usually
顔淵曰: well...you said oral s*x
子貢曰: yes
子貢曰: oral
子貢曰: music goes on
顔淵曰: yeah
顔淵曰: and...?
子貢曰: so 북창동 is a cheap but 실속적인 Place
子貢曰: and you know due to recent korea's depression, people hesitate spend too much money for entertainment
子貢曰: even in kangnam
顔淵曰: sure
子貢曰: so they began to open 북창동 style rs in kangnam
子貢曰: and that rocks
顔淵曰: i get it
子貢曰: there is no 2nd round
子貢曰: just 일차
顔淵曰: but since they take care of everything in 일차 it doesn't matter..
顔淵曰: ^^
子貢曰: got that?
顔淵曰: yes
子貢曰: very practical
顔淵曰: but don't they use condoms?
子貢曰: no
顔淵曰: you said that, rarely, they have s*x
子貢曰: it just happens if the lady gets the strong FEEEEEEL
顔淵曰: in front of everybody
子貢曰: that's why i said it's rare
顔淵曰: oh
顔淵曰: and if it happens...
顔淵曰: well...whatever diseases that lady has
顔淵曰: suddenly get shared?
顔淵曰: ^^
子貢曰: yeah...
子貢曰: that's nasty
子貢曰: but you know there are even more hardcore place in 장안 area
子貢曰: we all enter some 온돌방
子貢曰: and order box of beers
顔淵曰: it's a real RS?
子貢曰: really cheap ... bottle beers...
顔淵曰: ok
子貢曰: kinda middle of rs and 북창동
子貢曰: just 온돌방
顔淵曰: but it's an official business
顔淵曰: not just some guys call some girls for a party
顔淵曰: right?
子貢曰: they can have sex whoever you want all together until the beers run out
顔淵曰: even the guys끼리? ^^
子貢曰: so if you want be there more you need to order more box of beers
子貢曰: haha
顔淵曰: wow
子貢曰: and there's no concept of partner
子貢曰: so you can f*ck lady 1 and than lady 2 and three...
子貢曰: like turn arround
顔淵曰: i get it
顔淵曰: how do you find THAT place? ^^
子貢曰: i don't know, i just heard
子貢曰: ^^
顔淵曰: oh
子貢曰: i 've been to 북창동 but not more hardcore place..
顔淵曰: never BEEN there yourself, eh...
顔淵曰: ;)
子貢曰: kk
顔淵曰: one other logistics question about 북창동
顔淵曰: if them ladies are running around buck naked the whole time
顔淵曰: then that means they're not having a period then
顔淵曰: how do they handle ladies approaching or in their period?
顔淵曰: certainly nobody wants to see streams of blood running down their partner's legs... ^^
子貢曰: if they are in period... then they must have their vacation, i guess
顔淵曰: wow~
顔淵曰: cool job ^^
顔淵曰: how much does 북창동 cost?
子貢曰: hmm..... 4 guys... under 50만원
顔淵曰: r u kidding?
子貢曰: kidding what
顔淵曰: normal room salon for 4 guys is 1,000,000+
子貢曰: yes
子貢曰: 북창동 is much cheaper
顔淵曰: and that is without sexual service
子貢曰: right
子貢曰: that's why i said 북창동 is 실속있는.
顔淵曰: right~
顔淵曰: do they have some kind of time limit in there?
顔淵曰: like 588 place?
顔淵曰: or is it as long as you like--like that club, Ferrarri?
子貢曰: not like that. but if you don't order that much, they have a tendency to finish it soon
顔淵曰: i c
子貢曰: welcome to business world
顔淵曰: kkk
顔淵曰: yep. s*x is very business-like ^^
顔淵曰: where is 장안?
子貢曰: you know 장안동 또는 장안평
子貢曰: place where is famous for car shops
顔淵曰: what part of the city is it in? near 한남동? 이태원? 압구정?
子貢曰: that's a pro active attitude you hardcore man...
子貢曰: hmm..i can't really tell...you know i am really a bad navigator...
顔淵曰: but them hardcore places...
顔淵曰: how does one go about finding them?
顔淵曰: not that I would ever be interested PERSONALLY, you understand...
顔淵曰: it's for my friend ;)
子貢曰: kk i heard there are several places like that in 서울인근... but i don't know how to find them



Mango massage, did you say?

The Sanchon Hunjang was nosing around and happened across this *ahem* enlightening philosophical discourse that purports to be between two of Confucius' disciples on some of the more carnal aspects of life. To post or not to post, that was the question. After ammending it ever so slightly, I place it here for the *헛기침* edification of the interested:

顔淵曰: I was discussing this and that with a friend yesterday
顔淵曰: and we started discussing the price of ladies (1) in a massage parlor, and (2) in a 완전 사창가
顔淵曰: do you have any idea? ;)
子貢曰: hmm... massage is maybe around 18 and No.2 is...hmm... maybe under 10?
顔淵曰: wow those massage ladies are kinda expensive.
顔淵曰: why is that? ^^
子貢曰: you know massage service is composed of two parts
子貢曰: 1. real massage 2. s*x
顔淵曰: fine
顔淵曰: but is the "real" massage a real massage?
顔淵曰: I hear it's a half-assed massage
顔淵曰: in an attmept to get you horny enough to ask for s*x... ^^
子貢曰: No
子貢曰: #1 is taken care by 맹인 전문 massage man
子貢曰: and #2 is taken care by hooker
顔淵曰: oh really?
顔淵曰: not all the same person?
子貢曰: no
子貢曰: different person
顔淵曰: so, when you were going on and on about their new product
顔淵曰: the "mango massage"...
顔淵曰: you mean some blind guy did that to you?!!?!?!?
顔淵曰: that's something about you that I didn't know ;)
顔淵曰: ...or really want to know either
子貢曰: no no mango massage is part of #2
子貢曰: u know , in #2, there's a shower part
子貢曰: the chicks kindly give you a shower
顔淵曰: oh
顔淵曰: kindly? ^^
顔淵曰: can you guarantee the kindness?
子貢曰: hahahaha
子貢曰: in that shower, she pours del monte mango juice all over your body
子貢曰: warm mango juice. not cold one.
顔淵曰: oh
子貢曰: so that's why it is called mango massage
顔淵曰: i c
子貢曰: oh my god, how can i know this kinda 불순한 stuff, oh no.. oh no.......
顔淵曰: well, what happens if you go to 588, then? :)
子貢曰: just simple s*x
顔淵曰: you must have heard it from your friend
顔淵曰: in detail
顔淵曰: no shower?
子貢曰: no shower.
子貢曰: she just washes your private part very simply
子貢曰: like for 30 sec
顔淵曰: how about her private parts?
子貢曰: and let you lay down
子貢曰: and sucks and f**ks...
子貢曰: you can't touch that
子貢曰: you can grab her boobs.. but they don't like it
顔淵曰: really
子貢曰: you know 588 is just a place for c*mshot
顔淵曰: no touchie?
顔淵曰: but s*x?
顔淵曰: that is too wierd....
子貢曰: yes
子貢曰: just for c*mshot
顔淵曰: as in, they make you c*m all over their face and hair?
顔淵曰: kinky....
子貢曰: no not that. just simple s*x
顔淵曰: so I guess that if you can't even touch them
顔淵曰: a kiss is going to be waaaaaaaaaaaay out
顔淵曰: right?
子貢曰: and the atmosphere is even not that romantic for touching and making love
顔淵曰: oh?
子貢曰: kiss is not possible, just 뽀뽀
顔淵曰: what did your friend tell you about the atmosphere?
顔淵曰: :)
子貢曰: it's like 빨리빨리.. 시간없어...
顔淵曰: really?
顔淵曰: is there a time limit?
子貢曰: you know if you stay with her more that like 20 mins... then someone rudely knocks on your door and saying loudly "야 시간지났어... 빨리 나와...."
子貢曰: like this
顔淵曰: hmmmm
顔淵曰: that is a truly efficient f*ck factory ^^
子貢曰: or just knocking the door heavily
子貢曰: 쿵 쿵 쿵
顔淵曰: so why does anyone go there?
顔淵曰: I don't get it.....
子貢曰: just for c*mshot i guess
顔淵曰: 아무리 그렇다해도 그렇지...그게 넘 심한데...
顔淵曰: so...
顔淵曰: you are saying that some people get desperate enough for just lousy s*x that they will even do THAT?
顔淵曰: but I see that the difference in price is worth it for an RS ^^
子貢曰: yeah
子貢曰: you know i guess more than 80 % of the customer for 588 is young men
子貢曰: like around 20
子貢曰: they don't have enough money but they really want to have a s*x
顔淵曰: seems like a hand job in a barber shop would be a better option
顔淵曰: or there's always the self hand-job... ^^
子貢曰: but 588 ladies are pretty
顔淵曰: True
顔淵曰: but it's not like you spend any time with them....
顔淵曰: so who cares if they're pretty...
顔淵曰: anyhow
顔淵曰: thanks for the info ^^

☞이상은 이부작의 일부임.



On tombs and translations

At a largish park in Seoul not long ago, the Sanchon Hunjang came across a memorial tablet. These kinds of things aren't particularly rare, but for some reason they never fail to attract my interest.

The stone itself has a top, the main body and a base, like so many of its kin. And the body starts with a header in seal script (전서) over the top of a rather long main inscription in regular script (해서). For the seal-script impaired, the header says (right to left) "右議政諡忠憲 Discusser of Governance of the Right, Posthumously Named Ch'unghŏn."

In the background you can see a grave mound, so it is clear that the stone must have something to do with the indivual buried there.

There is also a descriptive sign that purports to explain everything in both Korean and English.

This is the memorial stone of Second State Councilor Kim Gu, and was erected in 1743.
Kim Gu's pen name was Ganbokjae and his posthumous title was Chungheongong. He received the highest score among all applicants on the civil service examination in 1682 and entered public service in the Office of the Inspector General and the Office of the Censor General. His advice on important matters there earned him the admiration of the people. He restored Prince Nosan's title of King Danjong and named his tomb Jangneung. He also contributed greatly to naming Queen Shin's tomb, Olleung.
This memorial consists of a square pedestal, a marble monument body, and a capstone. The capstone is embossed with various designs, such as dragons, phoenixes, roof tiles, the herb of eternal youth and bats. Such carvings are not found on other memorial stones. The inscription was composed by First State Councilor Yi Uihyeon and the calligraphy was done by Kim Gu's second son-in-law, First State Councillor Seo Myeonggyun. The block characters of the monument's title were written by Second State Councilor Yu Cheokgi.
To the north of this monument, in front of the tomb, stand a small tombstone, a pair of octagonal stone posts, and two stone sheep. These are also important for the study of tombs in the early 18th century.

이 비는 조선 숙정 때 우의정을 역임한 김구의 신도비로서, 영조 19년 (1743)에 걸립되었다.
김구의 자는 사궁, 호는 관복재이며, 시호는 충헌이다. 숙종8년(1682)에 춘당대 문과에 장원급제하였으며, 사헌부와 사간원에 출입하면서 사무에 대한 진언으로 일반의 찬탄을 받았다. 그리고 노산군의 단종복위와 장릉의 능호를 추복하였으며, 중종비 단경왕후 신씨의 묘를 온릉으로 추복하는데 크게 기여하였다.
이 비는 사각형 받침돌 위에 대리석으로 된 비몸이 있으며, 그 위에 지붕 돌이 얹혀져 있다. 지붕 돌인 옥개석에 용봉황,암막새, 수막새, 불로초, 박쥐, 그림무늬 등의 문양이 다채롭게 조각되어 있는 것은 여느 신도비에서는 잘 찾아볼 수 없는 특이한 것이다. 비문은 영의정을 지낸 이의헌이 지었고, 글씨는 김구의 둘째 사위인 좌의정 서명균이 썼다. 비의 제목글씨인 전액은 영의정을 지낸 유척기가 썼다.
이 비의 북쪽에 있는 그의 무덤 앞에는 돌비석과 돌기중, 석양 두마리가 배치되어 있다. 이것들도18세기 전반기의 무덤 석조물로서 묘재를 확인하는데 중요한 자료가 된다.

Maybe I'm just picky, but these explanations always seem lackluster. And I think the reason is that the translation into English is executed by someone whose purpose is to render a Korean text with precise accuracy rather than someone who is interested in communicating a message. (Whether the Korean original is useful information is another can of worms that I won't get into...) Maybe the English version turns out like this is because there was no audience defined. It is surely difficult to write before you know the level of specialized knowledge you can assume your audience has. To understand what the English on this sign is saying, one would seem to need a degree in Korean studies. But in that case, why bother with the English? The target audience could just read the Korean. Whether the Korean is well done or not, the English translation would seem misguided. It raises more questions than it answers:

Not that all of this information should have been included on the sign. It would have become a huge billboard. It just would have been nice if they had put some thought into the question of audience, taking note of the difference in needs between the Korean- and English-reading audience in the process. This would have dictated different content rather than a mindless translation of the Korean.

Moving on... Everything promised on the information sign can be seen at the tomb. The burial mound itself has been allowed to descend into a near criminal state of overgrowth. Not a good thing at a Korean grave.

The grave stone itself says: 右議政 Discusser of Governance of the Right1, 忠憲 Ch'unghŏn2 金公 Prince Kim3, 諱 tabooed word4, 構 Gu5 ['s6] 墓 grave / 貞敬婦人 Upright and Respected Lady7 全州李氏 of the Yi clan of Chŏnju8 祔 is interred 左 on the left9.

1 I.e. Third State Councillor
2 His after-death name
3 This is the common form of address: surname + prince
4 The given name of the deceased is not supposed to be used, so it is preceeded with this "tabooed word" marker.
5 His given name
6 Usually they have "之墓 the grave of..." This one omits the "之 of" for asthetic reasons, which means to keep the same number of words on the right and left sides of the inscription
7 정경부인 is the one of the Chosŏn period titles applied to the wives of men of high standing and was reserved for the wives of the higest officials in the government. Women of this level received treatment on a par with royal princesses (공주), princesses by concubine (옹주), the mother of the queen (부부인) and the wet-nurse of the king (봉보부인)
8 Family and clan affiliation were a big deal in Yi Dynasty Korea. Of all the people named Yi, there are many large groups, identified by the region where they settled: Kyŏngju, Chŏnju, Tŏksu, Yŏnan, Sŏngju, Sŏngsan, etc. Chŏnju Yi was the royal family of the Yi Dynasty
9 Wives are frequently interred with their husbands. Usually on the husband's left, but occasionally on the right. Additionally, sometimes there is a second mound for the wife and other times there is only a single mound, as here.

The grave site is laid out in traditional Korean fashion, with main grave mound with a stone offering table and some statues/pillars in front and a separate protective mound of earth winding its way in a c shape behind the main grave mound. I didn't check to see if it was truly facing south.


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